A heritage-protected building is turned into a train station of the future -
environmentally conscious and functional

The Coburg train station is listed for preservation and has been redesigned with AUWEKO and Green Furniture Concept products. Curved seating furniture of the series "Nova C", artificial, noise- and pollutant absorbing "trees" of the series "Leaf Lamp Tree", combined with our hygienic "KENDO" waste bins, turn the reception hall into an inviting place to stay. Visitors can take a seat on the reconstructed historical floor in comfortable sitting accommodations, recharge their batteries as well as enjoy their stay in a quiet and attractive atmosphere in the best possible way.

Special attention has been paid to sustainability in the furnishings: Wood from 100% certified sources, steel and plastic from recycled raw materials.

This is what the train station of the future looks like. AUWEKO is pleased and proud to have been involved in this project and wishes a pleasant stay!

You can find more information in the StationsAnzeiger der Deutschen Bahn



Perfect for public spaces: TEMPTATION. The design line with a high safety standard and an elegant but unobtrusive design.


Smart and minimalistic: SKYLINE, a series of high-quality recycling systems that meets the increasingly complex requirements of separating recyclables with clean lines and clear advantages.  


With the bins of the CAPITAL series, AUWEKO offers an elegant solution to effectively get litter under control in public areas. 


The bin that knows self-defense. Graffiti – even using permanent markers – can simply be wiped away without the need for harsh cleaning products. Unwanted stickers can be easily removed. 


You have surely already come across our ORIGINAL and most likely disposed of your snack-packet in this bin. This comes with no surprise as these AUWEKO litter- and recycling-bins have been in use with the Deutsche Bahn AG, the German railway operator for decades. 


As diverse as your modern office landscape, our OFFICE collection offers waste bins which are primarily intended for offices and similar workplaces.


Over the years AUWEKO has developed a wide range of pedestal ashtrays. Various types for all types of locations. Different sizes and volumes, optional information surface or waste bin.


Individual models like a tank-container for airports, a bin-garage, a recycling bin including a compartment for fire-extinguishers or transparent “Vigipirate”-bins can be found in the “special”-category.