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AUWEKO is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality waste collection systems – technically sophisticated and equipped with plenty of extras. We want to help keeping cityscapes, public buildings, facilities and businesses clean.

When developing our products, we work closely with experts from the fields of waste management, logistics and fire safety, amongst others, in order to be able to develop and realise our response to all the demands of efficient handling, safety and financial viability in a consistent manner. We produce recycling bins that fit harmoniously into the architecture of buildings and public spaces.


We offer a large variety of products, ranging from the recyclable waste separation system to the smokers' post. From the wall-mounted container to the fixed floor-standing module. From systems with fire or vandalism protection. A complete product range for all locations with high footfall. A product range that is being constantly expanded and improved.


Various features are available for all products, some of which have to be installed at the time of production and others can be retrofitted, e.g. casters, ashtrays, adjustable feet, coloured inserts, individual labelling, U-profiles etc. Alternative surfaces (knobbed, perforated, polished sheets, colours etc.) are available on request. We will gladly discuss details and requirements with you.


Safety first: Our range does not only include numerous recycling bins with a certified fire protection system but also a liquid disposal bin which was developed primarily for the use at security and baggage control at airports, to allow passengers to empty their personal bottles before entering areas where drinks and liquids are not allowed. Further it includes a transparent model which allows contents of the bin to be seen and is often used in public spaces or for example the extra robust Kendo series with vandalism protection which is popular for high frequented areas like stadiums, parks or railway stations.


For the production of our litter and recycling bins, AUWEKO uses only high-quality materials to suit the application site and unit itself. 1.4301/1.4016 stainless steel (B.S. 304 S 15/430 S 17), galvanised or powder coated steel plate, colour coated steel plate in thicknesses from 1.25 to 6 mm. Perfect for areas in which the decisive criteria are functionality and robust construction.

auweko made in germany


Our customers include international railway companys, airports, amusement parks, stadiums, restaurants, schools, universities, libraries, hotels, broadcasting companys, shopping centers, municipalities, hospitals, car parks, fair halls, supermarkets, transport services, cruise lines, banks, museums, movie theaters ...


For the manufacturing process we rely on modern machinery and a well-trained staff. This includes the folding machine, rolling machine, automated grinding machine, deburring technology, punch and laser processing as well as extensive welding technology. Particularly important are neatly deburred components, which we assemble manually to the final product.


It all started over 25 years ago with the idea of developing collection systems for recyclable materials for interior and exterior use, bringing together good design, functionality and robust materials. We also wanted the systems to include integrated information surfaces allowing municipal authorities and operators of public facilities or buildings to deliver messages. These surfaces are also useful as advertising spaces, the income from which can quickly be fed into paying back the investment in the system.

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